Fausto D’Elia

Creative Director @ XCUBE3D

Creative Director, Project Manager, Immersive 3DShow® Producer, Tourism Manager. He has written and proposed several shows for national Villages and for the international Robinson Club. Over the years, he has continued his studies on emotional intelligence and emotional marketing, experiencing a synchronized interaction between the artist and the scene. This interaction is capable of convincing the viewer that the multimedia elements are real. In 2013, he refined and presented his first and complete Live Performance for the XCube3D project at the BIT Fair in Milan.

15.45 - 16.30   Workshop

Day 1 - 09th October

Is Technology renewed by creativity or is creativity animated by Technology?

Italian Language

The workshop intends to expand the participants’ technical, artistic, and expressive knowledge, as well as discussing the multidisciplinary aspects of modern immersive communication. It will do it by taking advantage of the multiple opportunities offered by the most innovative technologies applied in the field of dance and performing arts.

Closed session: max 30 participants