Gianluca Galletto

Principal & Managing Director @ Global Futures Group, LLC

Entrepreneurial leader with international public and private sector experience. Smart Cities expert. Works with CEOs and boards, governments, nonprofits and universities. Investor, mentor for startups, with a passion for social impact, sustainability and inclusion.

Leveraging a strong technical background in economics complemented by cross-cultural relationship-building, leadership, and management skills. Extensive U.S. and global network of top-level relationships in the corporate, government, and institutional investment sectors.

18:15 - 19:00   Workshop

Day 1 - 09th October

Public and private support to ecosystems of innovative and creative SMEs and internationalization.

Italian Language

The public sector can play a key role helping the ecosystem as a whole through support programmes. Support is not necessarily fiscal and financial but can also be offered through a series of programmes aimed at enhancing the context in which companies work, thus facilitating their success and growth.

Closed session: max 30 participants