Luisa Mancarella


Player and dancer, Luisa started her training in the South of Italy in her hometown, Lecce, at the “Miracles dance” dance school. Here, she won many competitions: various 1st places in acrobatic Rock and roll, Mambo and freestyle Jazz dance. She moved on to the musical theatre school “MAS” (music art and show) in Milan (Italy), where she got her diploma. Working internationally, Luisa could continue studying at important Dance schools such as: IALS Roma (Italy), Marameo Ballet Centrum Berlin (Germany), Pinapple London (UK).

15.45 - 16.30   Workshop

Day 1 - 09th October

Is Technology renewed by creativity or is creativity animated by Technology?

Italian Language

The workshop intends to expand the participants’ technical, artistic, and expressive knowledge, as well as discussing the multidisciplinary aspects of modern immersive communication. It will do it by taking advantage of the multiple opportunities offered by the most innovative technologies applied in the field of dance and performing arts.

Closed session: max 30 participants