Mario Vaglio

Owner & Creative Director @ RIGHT SIDE STUDIO

An expertise, developed on top brands, covering everything that a company or a brand needs to do in order to grow, using communication and marketing as daily tools, success oriented. Mario Vaglio supports companies in designing and developing Marketing & Digital Marketing strategies in order to develop their businesses.

Through the studio, he offers services in communication strategy, creative strategy, creative direction, art direction, for traditional medias, new medias and online ADV both as stand-alone or integrated and cross-media ADV.

16:30 - 17:15   Workshop

Day 1 - 09th October

What is a brand and why is branding important?

Italian Language

This workshop offers an overview of the opportunities for cultural and creative industries derived from adopting a strategic approach for creative planning in such sectors as communication, marketing and digital marketing. It will provide the golden rules for an effective branding, describe the models of brand architecture, and highlight the assets of an integrated management of the communicative elements of branding.

Closed session: max 30 participants