Stefano Faccini

President @ Eclettica - Cultura dell’Arte

President of the Eclettica association since 2016, he is a multifaceted artist: among the arts he practices - drawing, painting, scenography, writing - he prefers stone carving and related materials and has skills in restoration. In the course of his professional and creative activity, he brought together several artistic groups and set up associations. In Italy and abroad, he has organized sculpture symposiums and received numerous awards. He created stone sculptures, including monumental ones, commissioned by public and private.

12:00 - 13:00   Workshop

Day 2 - 10th October

Digital workspace: how the production of contemporary art events changes at the time of Covid-19

Italian Language

The workshop will address the issue of the reorganization and production of post-Covid19 modern and contemporary art events. It will focus on digital workspaces as online productivity spaces that are safely accessible to each operator.

Closed session: max 30 participants