Valentina Montalto

Head of Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor’project @ DG Joint Research Centre

With a 10-year experience in international working environments, Valentina Montalto has dealt with European policies and statistics for the Cultural and Creative Sectors, development of indicators  and impact assessment of cultural investments through the Cities. Valentina currently works at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission where she leads the Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor project. She regularly take part in conferences as a speaker. Her TEDx talk How important is culture in our cities? is available on YouTube.

11:00 - 12:30   Conference

Day 1 - 09th October

Putting creativity at the heart of European Recovery Fight

Italian Language

The event is aimed to be a meeting between Local, National and European policy makers and stakeholders. They will discuss about the role of Cultural and Creative Industries in the political agendas 2021-2027, the challenges for cultural and creative entrepreneurship, and the support of Recovery Fund to the sector.

The starting point is the question: “Why the creative industry has to be taken seriously?”. We want to encourage the discussion not only on the vision and the role of CCIs, but also on priorities and tools which could really turn culture and creativity into a productive and competitive driver.

The topics to discuss are: 

  • how to overcome the structural weakness increased by the current emergency
  • how to enhance the hybridization of creative, technological, and industrial skills in the “made in Italy” sector
  • what is the role of digitalization in the development of the creative and cultural sector
  • how to develop the market of cultural and creative products and services
  • what is the role of cities and cultural institutions