Pitch Elevator Competition 16 creative Start-up from Italy & Greece


The Pitch Competition will take place online on 10 October from 3.45 pm to 6.00 pm and will see 16 start-ups, 12 from Puglia and 4 from Greece compete. All start-ups are beneficiaries of the incubation and acceleration program promoted by the TRACES project and implemented within the territorial network of Local Ateliers, innovation spaces for the widespread distribution of customized and integrated incubation services, in support of cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

Each start-up will present its business project in turn and within a maximum time of 3 minutes to a qualified jury who will be asked to evaluate the proposals and announce the winner.


Apulia Project is a multiservice startup focusing on tourism. It aims at: increasing the local touristic offer in Apulia; developing a new touristic brand at a Regional Level and participating in innovative projects in the Mediterranean Area. “Puglia Picnic, from the land to the sea” will be the new network for the multi level promotion of arts, culture, cultural heritage, local food and nature in Puglia.


Brienza Design deals with the development, production and marketing of an innovative mobile game for school-age children, with a high educational and technological value. The starting point is the need for a food awareness: Brienza design will develop an app for children, which favors the learning process through play.


Since 1983, Caliandro is a carpentry where the traditional craftwork meets new contemporary influences. Their works are the perfect match between the designer who makes the project and the craftsman who creates it. They are hybrids which are born from research and experimentation on wood. Caliadro wood creates customized furniture and support the client towards the choice of materials and refinements.


Circular Music is a cultural association, born in 2018, with the aim of creating a link between the traditional culture in Salento and in Western Africa (Mali,Burkina Faso, Senegal, Costa D’Avorio, Guinea). Circular Music wants to introduce the local audience to the richness, beauty and art from West Africa, affirming Salento as a place of meeting, exchange and hospitality towards foreign cultures. The main project of the association is the Circular Music AFRO FESTIVAL


Young designers who believe in their job’s sustainability between tradition and innovation. A group of young women who gathered around values, experiences and resources based on: innovation, reuse, creativity and relation. They aim at the recovery of ancient artistic and craft arts.


Object: design and production of robotic installations for retail sector. Dammy is an interdiscipilary project where robotics, artistic design and the most recent techniques of digital construction work toghether to create unique and innovative installations for retail sector. The focus of the project is to put together artistic design and the recent technology in the digital production as 3d printing or laser cutting. The products demonstrate how technology could be used in the everyday life.

MAD Mariangela Distante

With my eyes, my mind and my hands “I observe, imagine, create”. Mariangela Distante, MAD, is a glass artist. Con gli occhi, la mente e le mani “Osservo, immagino, creo”.


Puzzle Party is a mobile app for Android and IOS that allows you to facilitate the organization of small to medium-sized private parties, such as birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries and children’s parties. A marketplace that facilitates the matching between supply and demand, creating a bridge between users and suppliers of a product / service useful for the success of the event (location owners, musicians, food / beverage suppliers, entertainers, photographers, fitters, etc. ).


RDD ITALIA (Research and development of Italian design) deals with prototyping and industrialization of various products, with particular attention to furniture. It provides a high quality with high-tech tools (three-dimensional modeling and visualization in virtual reality and augmented reality, engineering and re-engineering) service for home and contract design and furnishing and seeks to transform the skills of the craftsmen into value-added production processes.


Semiosphera is a New Media Art project. Under the mark of project-based research, they are into participative projects sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Inheritage. Provided with different backgrounds, Francesca Giuliani and Lino Mocerino have a natural interest in the intersection of Art, Technology and Science. Their procedural semiotic ground aims to prime processes across different media and languages, so that the system’s inner entropy sparks into new emerging properties.


Snaporaz Film Production is a film production company based in Taranto, since 2018. It supports film productions, film-makers, scriptwriters, and professionals in the movie sector for the realisation of their stories, providing services, and creating the condition to favour investments on the local territory.


Arti in Libertà is an artistic experimental project, aiming at creating a format where different arts interact. The access to culture is an essential right to everybody.Arti in Libertà wants to imagine accessible systems and artistic products. The aim is to create new paths of inclusive thought, new instruments for socializing the access to culture and new way of production and fruition.

Art in Progress

Art in Progress focuses on the design, development and implementation of artistic, cultural, environmental and educational events with the main objective of bringing the contemporary Greek and international artistic creation to the citizens of Patras as well as the establishment of appropriate conditions for the city’s cultural advancement.

iSense Greece

Main activity of i-sence concept is the creation of a high-end, innovative series of souvenir products and tourist-cultural applications which comprise the traveler’s feelings from their travelling/participating experiences with the natural, historical and cultural wealth of areas and events. Moreover, the device is aiming to promote the cultural, historical and archaeological aspects of the country as well as contemporary art events.


Established in 2018 by highly qualified & experienced engineers, ADRINE provides research and technological competence in the field of added-value composite materials, characterization methodologies and additive manufacturing processes. In parallel, ADRINE offers engineering and consultancy services to third parties that are active in the area of advanced materials and products. The research interests of the company are focused on the in-house production, characterization and utilization of multi-functional 3D printing filaments with enhanced physical properties, as well as on the design, modelling and development of FDM-based joints and composite parts.


The sensitivity to environmental protection and how the humanity can escape the linear model of consumption, were common to Liofyllo’s team. Thus, in the search for how the environment can be protected and at the same time “exploited”, Liofyllo was born. The olive leaf was chosen because in addition to its properties (medical benefits, health, wellness, nutrition, history, culture, Olympic ideals, but also with special mechanical properties in its composition, durability, etc.) it is probably the only Greek natural element that refers to the history and culture of Greece. According to research, just in Greece, 150,000 tons of olive leaves are discarded annually during the collection of olive oil and its derivatives. Liofyllo creates an innovative, eco-friendly material (international patent) from untapped olive leaves and various adhesives, to reduce the production and use of non-environmentally friendly materials (synthetic, plastic, MDF, OSB, etc.), thus contributing to the reduction of pollution and ecological disaster (deforestation, mining, etc.). This innovative material, with different processing techniques, can be applied to a wide range of products (interior decoration, furnishing, etc.) thus covering the needs of more sectors of craft and industry. It is certain that Liofyllo is investing in research and development, so that, there is a wide range of applications of the material with more improved properties. Until now, the Liofyllo team uses this material to produce two types of panels (Welia as type of wood and Marelia as tile). The Welia panel is applied in wooden boxes to give added value to the premium packaging sector. Also, Liofyllo, in harmony with the principles of the circular economy, recycles the panels that are destroyed during the production process, using them as new raw material to make unique pieces of art and decoration. Its creations, as special souvenirs, corporate gifts, awards and artworks, are inspired by the ancient Greek culture combining an alternative form of art, culture, material and ecology.